starting tomorrow. Already on site. Tonight is the Provence Linux User Group and Wine & Cheese party.

: Contributopia : Peut-on faire du libre sans vision politique ?
Par Pierre-Yves Gosset

Internet et droits humains, il y a vraiment un rapport ?
Par Stéphane Bortzmeyer.

PeerTube, une plateforme de partage de vidéo libre et décentralisée.

Planificateur de voyage - alternative libre - KDE Itinerary

Des solutions propriétaires existent (TripIt, Google Trips), néanmoins ces solutions s'immiscent dans votre vie privée, au travers de vos mails.

: Hacking with x86 Windows Tablet and mobile devices on Debian

“A lot of mobile devices can use Debian, and others now!
Let's install Linux on Tablet and any mobile devices.”

Many work still needed! Especially in the kernel, the most difficult part :/.

: Cryptsetup in Debian: tips, tricks, and future plans

“I will briefly talk about the new LUKS2 format…”.

Will be the default for Buster!

: DNS Transport Security in Debian

“There are a number of newer protocols to protect the privacy of requests, like DNS-over-HTTPS, DNS-over-TLS and DNSCrypt. There are also a number of new public DNS resolvers available that support some or all of these newer protocols.

This talk will explore the protocols, the service providers offering encrypted public DNS resolvers and how to configure Debian to use them.”

Of course systemd 😅

: My crush on GNU Guix

GNU Guix is a build system... or is it a package manager... or an
operating system? Regardless of what angle you're looking at it with,
it brings a twinkle to my eye lately.

But the guile format is quite peticular... :/

conference dinner was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Chinese buffet style. I met and discussed with Japanese and Chinese people at my table.

: - A Build Service for Installation and Cloud Images is a web-based build service for creating customized
installation or cloud images for Debian.

It's using the FAI software, so the installation will run unattended
without any interaction necessary. The cloud images are ready to boot
in a VM.

Pretty cool to discover FAI without installing a FAI server!

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