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Nextcloud 14 has arrived and it is awesome!

✅ Video Verification 👁‍🗨
#Signal #Telegram & SMS 2FA 💬
✅ Add note to share 🗒️ & recover shares 🗑️
✅ New #GDPR app - Terms of Service 🖊️
✅ Lots of Accessibility work ♿️

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Benoît S. a partagé

Nous recrutons ! Voici les offres d'emploi en France et au Canada :

🇨🇦 SysAdmin à 👉 un beau challenge technique et humain :

🇫🇷 SysAdmin à 👉 pour intégrer notre équipe dynamique, mots clé :

🇫🇷 Stage SysAdmin 2019

Toutes les détails sont à retrouver sur

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Benoît S. a partagé

: Hacking with x86 Windows Tablet and mobile devices on Debian

“A lot of mobile devices can use Debian, and others now!
Let's install Linux on Tablet and any mobile devices.”

Many work still needed! Especially in the kernel, the most difficult part :/.

: Cryptsetup in Debian: tips, tricks, and future plans

“I will briefly talk about the new LUKS2 format…”.

Will be the default for Buster!

: DNS Transport Security in Debian

“There are a number of newer protocols to protect the privacy of requests, like DNS-over-HTTPS, DNS-over-TLS and DNSCrypt. There are also a number of new public DNS resolvers available that support some or all of these newer protocols.

This talk will explore the protocols, the service providers offering encrypted public DNS resolvers and how to configure Debian to use them.”

Of course systemd 😅

Benoît S. a partagé
Benoît S. a partagé

#DebConf18 videos are being published on

more than half of the recorded talks are already available, and more are being worked on right now.

: My crush on GNU Guix

GNU Guix is a build system... or is it a package manager... or an
operating system? Regardless of what angle you're looking at it with,
it brings a twinkle to my eye lately.

But the guile format is quite peticular... :/

At everyone can help! I was helping as camera operator.

conference dinner was a-m-a-z-i-n-g! Chinese buffet style. I met and discussed with Japanese and Chinese people at my table.

: - A Build Service for Installation and Cloud Images is a web-based build service for creating customized
installation or cloud images for Debian.

It's using the FAI software, so the installation will run unattended
without any interaction necessary. The cloud images are ready to boot
in a VM.

Pretty cool to discover FAI without installing a FAI server!

Today was the day trip at ! Our group of ten people explored the city of Hsinchu with a local guide.

: Autodeb: Automatic Packages for Everything

Many packaging tasks can be automated, and are likely to succeed without any human intervention:

- creating a backport for Debian stable from a packaging in Debian testing
- upgrading a package to a newer upstream version
- packaging a simple Perl, Python or Ruby using one of the tools listed on AutomaticPackagingTools

This GSoC project looks really interesting.

: What's new in the Linux kernel

The Linux kernel is under rapid development. Stable releases are made around 5 times per year, each including many new features and support for new hardware. This talk will summarise the features that have been added and enabled in the last year.

With bits of Spectre/Meltdown of course.

: Mining Debian Maintainer Scripts

Debian sid contains more than 31.000 maintainer scripts, the
vast majority of which are written in the POSIX shell language. We
have written, in the context of the CoLiS project, the tool shstats
which allows us to do a statistical analysis of a large corpus of
shell scripts.

: Making Games Work Better on Debian

Running games on Debian often means compromising the integrity of our
systems by dual-booting non-free operating systems or installing
non-free drivers on our Debian systems. This presentation will describe
some work sponsored by the Valve Corporation aimed at helping make
this situation better.

TL;DW: don't use Nvidia.

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